Smiles All Around: Book Cover Makes Team Laugh

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Team Press | 0 comments

When Graphik Creative founder Kristy Wingfield was featured on the cover on a dentistry book, it was at minimum a good laugh for her team. They proceeded to create a…let’s say “alternate” version of her and placed it on one of the foosball table figurines…as they did with many important characters such as Bernie Sanders, Darth Vader, Yosemite Sam and Ben Higgins – everyone’s favorite Bachelor (pictured).

While this was fairly funny, it turned out that these particular foosball characters played pretty damn well.

Regardless, if a book on “beautiful” smiles interest you, you can get your very own copy here for just $17.99. Full description below.


Dr. Charles Barotz, a practitioner of exquisite cosmetic dentistry in Denver, Colorado, reveals how today’s advances can amazingly transform anyone’s teeth into a radiantly beautiful smile that will empower your success, confidence, and quite literally — change your life.

Even if not born with an amazing smile — or your smile isn’t as attractive as it once was — leading-edge cosmetic dentistry can whiten, straighten, reshape, or even replace missing teeth more effectively and easily than even before!

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