Full rebranding brought life
to a brand that had a dark feel.

Graphik Creative was hired to re-envision the Save Our Youth brand and update the website to include functional features like accepting donations, publishing events, resource center and more.

Website Design
Online Donations Portal
T-Shirt Design

A website that provides
a true ROI + time savings.

Our goal at Graphik Creative is always providing more than a website, ensuring that we’re asking the right questions – the “why” and the “how can we make your operations easier”. For Save Our Youth, this was in streamlining (or making better) many of the things they were having to do manually. From mentor resources, to event publishing, to accepting payments from donors, we made sure that the website became a tool for our client.

Logo: Before & After

Upon our design kickoff with Save Our Youth, we found that their initiatives matched our recommendations: Convert the brand to a lively and fun (while still professional) wordmark from a dark feel. Our presentation of the new mark, which was incredibly on trend for 2019, included a script style font utilizing a gradient and was a success with the client.

I’m excited to launch and begin integrating the new branding, and we’re all eager to replace the old website as well.


ethan smith
program strategy manager

Website Launch Video