Creating a fun, player-oriented experience. 

Graphik Creative has been working with GamerGreen, an amusement vending company that digitizes the modern-day gaming experience, since the very beginning. When Phil from GamerGreen sat down with Kristy, all he had was an idea, and since then, they’ve been changing the amusement vending scene. We recently revamped their website to make it easier to use and more gamified, and have been creating prize campaign artwork, claw machine graphics and signage, and game room collateral all along. 

Website Redesign
Glass Clings for Claw Machines
Signage & Banners 
Prize Campaigns & Hangtags 
App Design 
Gamer Cards 

T-Shirt Design

User experience shouldn’t

be a game. 

Our goal at Graphik Creative is always providing more than a website, ensuring that we’re asking the right questions – the “why” and the “how can we make your operations easier”. For GamerGreen, it was creating a streamlined platform where users can easily create accounts, learn how to up their game, shop for prizes, and navigate where to redeem their winnings — all while still keeping the fun environment. 

App design and launch video

We designed an app for players to find locations of machines, redeem prize codes, shop for prizes, and more.  

“Kristy and her team have been a vital part of the success of our companies. Through conversations, they breakdown and get to the core of your business; once they have a clear understanding they create and design your message – from the ground up.”


Phil Marzullo
CEO, GamerGreen

Print collateral for every occasion. 

Our We worked with GamerGreen to accomplish a wide variety of print collateral for many different occasions, audiences, and purposes. From game room banners and window clings, to multi-page vendor catalogs, to magnetic game cards, prize apparel, and more. Over the years, the brand morphed a few times to keep everything fresh, while still retaining the bright colors, fun tone, and eye-catching graphics. 

Claw Machine Campaigns

Over the years, we’ve helped GamerGreen launch multiple individually branded campaigns for prizes to go in claw machines and other amusement vending equipment. Campaigns ranged from trading cards with redemption prizes, to mystery boxes, to animal plushes with unicorn horns. The extensive list of designed and printed collateral associated with each campaign ranges from hang tags, to window clings, to die-cut boxes, to 7′ tall towers.