Meet The Team

the extraordinary creatives that make it all happen.

Kristy K Wingfield

Founder + Creative Director

After starting technology company Liquid Compass straight out of college (which she sold in 2004), Kristy launched Graphik Creative in order to get back to the fundamentals of what she loves: Being creative. Launching, growing and maintaining brands. Oh, and of course traveling around the world.

Selected as one of eight “Empowered Women” across the US by Salon Magazine (view article here ») and nominated as one of the Denver Business Journal’s Outstanding Business Women of the Year (2014), Kristy is the type who truly…

Alyssa Baldi

Sr Designer + Account Manager

Alyssa began her professional career with Graphik Creative over five years ago, attending “Graphik University” and quickly growing into a design lead and account manager. Specializing in both print and web, eCommerce and full-scale branding productions, Alyssa loves taking a fresh approach to every project…ensuring perfection and a well-thought out strategy.

Jessica Bostrand


While new to agency life, Jessica has been designing for years – teaching art and design in Denver. She made the switch in mid-2015 and has quickly adjusted to the fast-paced office environment. Jessica focuses on print design, presentation development, and more.

Adriana Neves

Administrative Assistant

Adriana joined the team back in 2014, starting in the Print Product division and becoming a jack of all trades. As an administrative assistant, she is the glue that holds things together in the office.

Pieter Montoulieu


Pieter hails from the land of palm trees, but has since settled in land-locked Denver. Pieter is passionate about developing responsive websites for awesome and innovative clients.

Chris von Burske


Chris grew up skateboarding. Decisions about what board to buy were always based on the graphic. Years later, this love of skateboard graphics led him to pursue a BFA in Digital Design from the University of Colorado Denver.

Michael Al-Jiboori


Michael hails from Oklahoma and holds a degree in Visual Communications. He loves branding and one day hopes to make a logo as impactful and recognizable as the Nike swoosh. Speaking of athletics, he is also a high-level rugby player.

Megan Jones


Megan has been a visual arts enthusiast her entire life. Growing up, she was an avid drawer and painter, which led her to get a BFA in painting from CSU. Since then, she has decided to expand her knowledge into the Graphic Design world and make it her new medium and passion. She is loving this side of the creative world.